Associate in Photography Qualification Awarded

Successful Associate Submission
On 21st April, 2016 I was awarded my Associateship in Photography Qualification from the Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers. I am delighted to possess this qualification as it is held by only 3.5% of the membership of the Society. To obtain the Associateship I first had to get my Licentiate in Photography, which I did in February 2015. I then entered the Mentoring Programme for the Associateship and after submitting images to the Mentor for critique I took on board his advice, made the appropriate changes and tweeks to my panel and prepared the panel for final submission and examination. The final submission went before a board of examiners all of whom are Professional Photographers with many years practical experience and at the top of their chosen fields. Each of the examiners also hold a Fellowship with the Society of Professional Image Makers.